Goodbye Rhythm House, Hello Home Ground

Well…today was my last day of teaching at Rhythm House and I just got back home. Last class ended at 9pm. All my current private students and soon-to-be private students are excited about  moving over to the new place for their lessons. It took almost 5 months of planning and execution.

As I locked the entrance door to the studio for one last time tonight, my heart weighed heavy. I spent 3 years (which were the most difficult 3 years since 1992 to 1995) teaching in the studio and I enjoyed every moment of it. Mark Boatman, founder of Rhythm House and highly accomplished drummer, has my deepest gratitude for inviting me one weekend evening down to the studio in late 2009, after we established contact only a couple of months prior, to chat with me about teaching there. He didn’t even audition me as would be his standard practice. It turned out that he went by intuition after seeing me perform at the Crazy Elephant (at that time I was playing with a Classic Rock covers band called Dorian Roach) and thought I’d be good enough to teach. And he gave me a very good deal I couldn’t refuse.

Once I commenced my job in Rhythm House, and started getting to know the co-founder, David McGuire, it simply became the best working environment I’ve ever been in up to this point. Here was a company, finally, that I felt exercised fairness in all its business dealings.  All the decisions Mark and David took with me as far as renting out the studio to teach to the use of their drum and sound equipment served to benefit me as well. Out of this, we developed a mutual trust and bond of friendship that I’m very proud to maintain for good. I’ve also learnt alot from both of them along the way about running a private teaching business well, and I’ll certainly miss all the times we hung out after our last classes joking and chatting about drums, music, teaching methods, drum books and videos, politics, culture, online marketing, and the list goes on…Who says drummers are a dumb bunch who can only make a whole lot of noise banging on things?? You can’t find two drummers more well-informed, more well-read, and just plain intelligent than Mark and Dave!

I wish Rhythm House every iota of success with their future plans henceforth.

And now…Home Ground…my new “home” come last week of November. What’s Home Ground?? No it’s not related to sports, it’s instead a one-stop hub conceptualised by a young visionary, Seow Yi Zhe, founder of Pulse of Music, for music education, music production, retail of music instruments and accessories, and sound system installation. I never expected I’d be working professionally with him but life does have  some very interesting plans for us…

I’ll be a partner with Pulse of Music who, besides running my own teaching business in the dedicated room built for me in the Home Ground space, will also assist the company in managing their teaching faculty. There’ll be lots of administration work to do including managing the teachers’ schedules, being the point of contact for all student enrolment matters, balancing of accounts, and taking care of the teachers’ needs.. Am I prepared for all this?? I will give you a resounding YES and I will prove it to my doubters (if there are any..). Updates on the latest developments at Home Ground will be posted on this blog, so keep a lookout!

To conclude this post, I’ll say what I’ve said before to close friends, “I chose the best job in the world!”

Stay tuned and DON’T STOP THE GROOVE,



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