Checklist for January 2013 (if it happens..)

So…two more weeks till 2013, or it may never happen at all come December 21st. Nevertheless, i still feel I have alot more to contribute and achieve…If January 2013 is going to happen, these are things I’ll need to start out and also things I need to accomplish for the month:

1) Do drumset recordings for a lovely acoustic folk duo, One Hat Town. Individual and Group Practice included.

2) Practice individually and rehearse for Esplanade gigs

3) Get The Inter-Minds Jazz-Rock project going again.

4) Commence my role as Managing Instructor (that’s a working title for now)

5) Do 2 youtube drum cover videos – one song each by Genesis and The Police.

6) Do the first youtube video of series of youtube videos on hand technique (for drums, that is… 🙂 )

7) Put the final touches to my course structure for the Music Appreciation Course.

Lovin’ it, and doin’ it with love…

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