Month: June 2013

King Crimson Live in Frejus (1982)

What stunning creativity, innovation, fearsome technique, and otherworldly rhythmic conception..

King Crimson to me is the ultimate Progressive Rock band. Bill Bruford manning a highly unique hybrid kit of acoustic drums. percussion, and early electronic drums.


New EP Recording Project – Zhong Ren Koh

It’s gives me great pleasure to announce that I’ve signed up for drumming duties on an upcoming EP project by a very talented and young Singaporean indie singer-songwriter, Zhong Ren Koh (
Zhong Ren and I worked together on Jonathan Meur’s Woodnotes EP project and the Christmas single, December By The Isle of You, also by Jonathan. He plays great cello, bass guitar, rhythm and textural guitars, topped by a singing voice that’s somewhat reminiscent of Radiohead’s Thom Yorke. If that’s not enough he writes funky alt/indie rock tunes that have a lot radio friendly pop/rock hooks, funky grooves, textural synth soundscapes, and intelligent lyrics.
The fun part of this project for me is that there’s gonna be 2 drummers playing on it!! It’s a dream come true for me! The other drummer’s name will be revealed shortly ;-).
Stay tuned for more updates!

Busy mid to late week!

1) Recording Session at a school this Thursday followed by a club gig (4 sets, starting 10.30pm)
2) Teaching Plus 2 band rehearsals on Friday 
3) Playing (percussion) with The Gladstones this Saturday at the Esplanade Concourse. 2 sets starting 4.30pm.




Private Drumset Lessons By Me

The ultimate reason to take drum lessons with me is to to play music well. It’s about having a solid technical foundation using efficient means to play what you hear and feel inside you in reaction to what’s going on around you musically. It’s also about developing your ears and analytical skills to eventually decipher the language of drumming and music on your own. I’m proud to say that the current students I have are pursuing the goal of becoming good musicians and not just good drummers. – Anto Baby – Gabriel Liew

Can we give these guys some encouragement, please! They worked hard at it despite the odds. 

If you know someone who’s aspiring to the same thing, here I am!

My studio address:

Home Ground Studio

Lew Building

45 North Canal Road


Singapore: 059301



Gig Updates

Greetings, beautiful people!

I hope al is well with each and everyone of you. This past month has been a little crazy with alot of preparation for the forthcoming gigs.. 

So here’s the latest on where I’ll be playing this month:

Club Shake @ the Singapore Flyer – Mandarin Top-40s  (Thursdays starting 10.30pm, 4 sets)

The Gladstones Live At The Esplanade, 22nd June 2013, 2 sets starting at 4.30pm. I’ll be playing percussion for this gig. 


Positive Review For Jonathan Meur’s Woodnotes EP in The Straits Times Recently

Positive Review For Jonathan Meur's Woodnotes EP in The Straits Times Recently