New EP Recording Project – Zhong Ren Koh

It’s gives me great pleasure to announce that I’ve signed up for drumming duties on an upcoming EP project by a very talented and young Singaporean indie singer-songwriter, Zhong Ren Koh (
Zhong Ren and I worked together on Jonathan Meur’s Woodnotes EP project and the Christmas single, December By The Isle of You, also by Jonathan. He plays great cello, bass guitar, rhythm and textural guitars, topped by a singing voice that’s somewhat reminiscent of Radiohead’s Thom Yorke. If that’s not enough he writes funky alt/indie rock tunes that have a lot radio friendly pop/rock hooks, funky grooves, textural synth soundscapes, and intelligent lyrics.
The fun part of this project for me is that there’s gonna be 2 drummers playing on it!! It’s a dream come true for me! The other drummer’s name will be revealed shortly ;-).
Stay tuned for more updates!

One comment

  1. UPDATE: There wasn’t two drummers playing on the EP eventually. I ended up doing all the parts. A lot of hard work but super fun and it pushed me really hard in terms of precision and sound conception. Would love to do more of these kinds of recording projects in the hopefully not too distant future!

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