Month: August 2013

Jason’s Soundcloud Page

Jason’s Soundcloud Page

Hey folks!

I have uploaded a selection of studio demos and official studio recordings I have done in the past. Do feel free to have a listen by clicking on the web link appended above! I will be uploading more recordings in the future, so you can check back the page every once in a while for updates.

For more information on my services as a studio recording drummer, kindly send an email with your enquiry to, contact: +65 98291901.

If you wish to hire me for your recording session, please append the following with your email:

1) Backing track with a click track (that is metronome) on either audio channel in WAV  format. Please do not send your backing tracks in MP3s and other lo-fi quality formats as I need to hear all the musical details  properly to better prepare the drum parts for recording.

2) Lyrics Sheet for songs with lyrics. It will help me understand what the song is about so I can work our the right feel and sound for the drum track.

3) Drum Charts or Chord Charts  (please ask if you are not sure what these is).

For my rates, please see:

Thank you once again for viewing this post!


Youtube drummers to check out!

Here’s the channels of two great drummers I discovered on youtube. If you’re a fan of vintage drums, Classic Rock drumming ala John Bonham, and Big Band drumming ala Buddy Rich, as I am, check out these guys, Ken Loomer and Dan Zalac. 

These guys know how to get an awesome sound from their drums. They got it all right from their technique to their tuning and even recording. – Ken Loomer’s channel. – Dan Zalac’s channel.



How’s everyone doing so far??

If you’re reading this, I’d like to convey to you my utmost appreciation for taking the time to do so.

Well it’s been pretty low-key for me so far in this month of August except for the usual teaching gigs, but it’s a good time for me to prepare myself for the upcoming performances and many recording sessions to take place starting September. 

As of now dates have been set in September for the tracking of drums for two projects:

1) Plate (Zhong Ren Koh,

2) Lim Yi Liang – Jazz EP project. 

Dates for the tracking of another EP project for One Hat Town ( is to be confirmed. 

These are awesome opportunities to grow as a recording drummer and a dream come true in a small way! I’m very grateful to these guys for giving me a shot. 

More to come! Stay tuned!