Month: December 2013

A Statement To Experts..

A Statement To Experts..

This is a simple statement that I’m in no position to find fault with, and especially in music, I still feel like a beginner, in both skill, and more so, in my curiosity to find out more about the mechanics of making music.

I ask myself from time to time the question that if I ever leave the music scene, will I lose the passion to discover music I’ve never heard before and trace the roots of those musics? I’m 30 now and despite the highs and lows I’ve experienced being in the music scene for almost 6 years now, I still feel like the 10 year old kid who got excited listening to the entire discographies (up to that point) of some of the greatest bands in the world such as Grand Funk, The Beatles, and Tower of Power. I still feel like that 10 year old kid who was curious to learn more about music from different parts of the world. Is this a clear indication that if I still have this fervour for music now, I will certainly be in it for the long haul?

There’s this thing called the 3 to 5 year rule in assessing the longevity of a career or a relationship. If you stick with something/someone for that long, it’s bound to work. In reality, it can’t be ascertained, so I’ll just leave it as that. I’ll enjoy doing music as a career for as long as it lasts and be prepared for the day to activate plans B, C, D and so on, if necessary.

No matter which stage I’m at in my career, I’d like to be that diligent, hardworking, ever-seeking apprentice. When I lose that, I lose my reason to carry on as a musician.


I spent my childhood trying to figure out what and how this man did what he did on the drums. Thanks to the books and DVDs that’s he’s put out in the last 20 years, I finally got to “break the code” on his grooves on many of my beloved Tower of Power songs. Nope…can’t say I’m anywhere close to his level, but what I learnt and practice from studying his drumming has helped me improve my dynamics, precision, touch, and feel on the instrument. I’m still a student and fan of his as I was when I first heard more than 24 years ago. WHAT IS HIP? DAVID GARIBALDI. And he’ll always be no matter where drumming is at right now…