Month: February 2014

Upcoming gigs: Beatles, Shadows, Classic Rock Tunes

Hi all,

Hope your week has gone well and it’s time to look forward to the weekend. 

It’s a great pleasure to inform all the good peeps who are reading this blog, that I’ll be doing some gigs with a veteran Singaporean band covering golden favourites from the 50’s ,60’s and 70’s, which could turn into a regular affair thereafter. There will be lots of Beatles, Shadows, and classic tracks from the Rock greats of the 60’s and 70’s. The audience demographic will naturally be made up of people who spent their childhood during this fascinating period for music. 

So what does this mean to me, being the youngest member of the group playing music that was recorded when my parents were still studying? It is a rare opportunity to go back in time and embrace the roots of the music I love. It is that rare opportunity to learn in greater depth and detail the infant phase of development of Rock And Roll, especially as applied to the drumming. My goal is to have lots of fun and nail the gigs by playing the original drum parts as accurately as I can to the original studio recordings with the correct sounds, tempos, and feels. Only then will I be able to help the band create an authentic experience for the audience who would prefer to hear the music as how they have heard it on radio and recordings all these years. Some of them have even seen some of these bands we’re covering live before, so perhaps I may get an opportunity to talk to them about their experiences hearing and seeing these bands up close. 

Exciting times ahead!

Article: The Definitive Guide On Why You Should Quit Your Band

Article: The Definitive Guide On Why You Should Quit Your Band

This is a very hard-hitting article. You may hate what you’re reading. Nevertheless, I do encourage everybody (I mean everybody) who’s stopped by my blog and are at this page now, to click on the title and read the article in full. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this. 

Best Youtube Comment I’ve Ever Received

Best Youtube Comment I've Ever Received

Forgive me for the bad photo shot, but I’d like to share with you something that really made my day yesterday and gave me lots of hope.

See the youtube comment by Mr. John Morton at the bottom of the shot. It reads, “Wow! You just made my day. From a guitarist who used to sit in front of the giant console stereo at the age of 12 and play air drums to this song when it first came out. So good to see young people recognize what an inventive and exciting drummer Mitch Mitchell was. Carry that torch brother. Your hard work paid off.”