Month: June 2014

Playing At The Esplanade Concourse On 1st July 2014

Dear all,

Hope your Monday wasn’t so blue..

Just a heads up that I got a last minute call today to stand-in for another drummer who unfortunately hurt his back at the Esplanade Concourse, tomorrow, for 2 sets of Modern Jazz music. The repertoire includes tunes from Pat Metheny, Gretchen Parlato, and a couple of SIngaporean originals written by vocalist, Huimin Lim, and guitarist, Alvin Wong.

The first set kicks off at 7.15pm and the 2nd set at 8.15pm. Hope to see some of you there!!


Holla ,dear amigos! Just thought I’d share this interview whilst I enjoy my cup of morning coffee.

Anybody here plays Soultone cymbals? Would you like to share your experience playing them? I will be posting a review of my Soultone cymbal collection soon, so stay tuned..

A Very Encouraging Message From A Great Drum Student

Daniel_whatsapp msg



I meant to post this weeks ago but I was so busy with moving to a new home. This Whatsapp message I got from a student, Daniel Sukartio, who’s working very hard on his drumming and has such a great attitude has both warmed my heart and reminded me of what my job as a drum coach is all about (i like that term coach better than teacher or instructor, and I shall explain ¬†why in another post).

I wish Daniel continued success and growth in not just his musical endeavours but everything he is aspiring to.