Month: July 2014

Miles Davis Live At Tanglewood, 1971 (Full Concert)

Badass. These guys write the book on on high level musical interaction. This is my favourite lineup of all the fusion bands Miles Davis had. Funky, free, at the same time. How do you do that? They can seriously rock too. Miles would then go into more repetitive rhythms, basslines,and riffs, but this band struck a balance which I like.


Miles Davis – Trumpet, Music Director

Gary Bartz – Saxophones

Chick Corea – Keyboards

Keith Jarrett – Keyboards

Jack Dejohnette – Drums

Dave Holland – Electric and Upright Bass

Airto Moreira  – Percussion

Tribute To Johnny Winter

I was shocked and devastated to learn of the passing of one of my musical heroes, the legendary Texas Blues-Rock guitar slinger, Johnny Winter.

I remember hearing The Progressive Blues Experiment album when I was in my preteens and was mesmerized by his fast, clean playing along with a very gritty, deeply rooted slide guitar playing. Johnny Winter And Live which features some heavyweights of 70’s Rock, guitarist, Rick Derringer, and killer drummer, Bobby Caldwell, taught me how to be exciting live within the Blues-Rock context but also have moments of quiet subtlety.

I think the ultimate favourite Johnny Winter track for me would be Mean Town Blues, from the Progressive Blues Experiment album. I just love how that boogie riff chugs so nicely on top of that solid and swinging Rock beat. Plus, it also contains one of my favourite guitar solos of all time. Another one would be his cover of Bob Dylan’s Highway 61, renamed as Highway 61 Revisted, from his Second Winter album. His voice, his badass slide guitar playing and that real tough texas shuffle just got to me in a real powerful way.

Thank you, Johnny Winter, for the years of inspiration. Your uncompromising approach to to the Blues, your steadfast belief in being rooted in tradition no matter how far out you take things, is a huge example for me to follow. You truly exemplified the phrase, “Looking back in order to know how to move forward.” The coolest thing about you also is that you always gave credit to the early Masters along the way.

Have a great time jamming up there with all the greats!

Student Testimonial – Benjamin Ng

Hi all,

Here’s another heartwarming and encouraging testimonial I got from Benjamin, who’s been learning drums for about a year now.

” I would say that drum lessons with Jason was never really just about learning a music instrument. Over the past 1 year, besides just learning a basic drum groove, I have learnt music appreciation, music history and the things you can achieve with passion and hard work.

I have always enjoyed the rich history of music and drumming that Jason is able to explain to make music applicable. Most of time with these understanding, you get soak into the music better and will understand why and how the technical skills needed to be applied for you to groove better. Jason can be quite straightforward about practising, and that part may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But to be fair we all know that hard work plays a huge part in success.

Lastly, Jason’s passion for drums and music is so contagious that makes you want to learn more and find out more. He also consistently advocating that if it is achievable for him so can YOU!”

I wish him all the very best in his life’s endeavours and I also congratulate him on getting married.