Drum Lessons by Jason Cruz – Summary Info

Dear Reader,

If you are coming to this page to find out more about my drum lessons, I have summarized the information for my drum lessons for your convenience, and will link this post to other posts under the Drum Lessons section of this blog that will give you more details into the course structure of my lessons, as well as my teaching background and philosophy.

Professional Status: Private Drumset Coach and Freelance Performing Musician

No. of Years of Teaching Experience: 14 years

Past Schools Taught In: Yamaha Music School, Ossia Music School, and Rhythm House

I am well versed in the following musical styles: Rock, Pop, Jazz, Funk, R&B/Soul, Traditional and Contemporary Blues, Fusion, Latin, Reggae, Country

Certification: Trinity/Guildhall Drumkit Grade 8

Current Teaching Location: Either at your home or at Bozzworkz Studio at Parklane Shopping Mall.

NEW: Online lessons (see info below).

Contact Information: 98291901 (SMS or Whatsapp) treshombres6@gmail.com (email)


Coming to studio:

$60/- for a ONE TO ONE 60 minute lesson

$50/- for a ONE TO ONE 45 minute lesson

$40/- for a ONE TO ONE 30 minute lesson

$30/- for a trial ONE TO ONE lesson 

Going to home:

$70/- for a ONE TO ONE 60 minute lesson at your home

$60/- for a ONE to ONE 45 minute lesson at your home.

$55/- per person for a PAIR lesson (60 minutes only) for home visit

$35/-  for a trial ONE TO ONE lesson (60 minutes) for home visit.

$30/- per person for a trial PAIR lesson (60 minutes) for home visit.

NEW: Online Drum Lessons (limited slots):

Suitable only for students 12 years old and above.

$55 for a one hour lesson

$45 for a 45 minute lesson

Using Zoom, Google Hangout, Microsoft Teams. 

Details of my course structure and teaching philosophy: https://jasoncruzdrums.wordpress.com/2012/11/17/one-to-one-drumset-lessons-provided-by-jason/

Frequently Asked Questions By Customers and Students: https://jasoncruzdrums.wordpress.com/2012/11/18/frequently-asked-questions-before-a-students-first-lesson-with-me/

Student Testimonials:



Grade 5 Certificate for Student, Daniel Sukartio. Awarded Distinction: Daniel Grade 5 Certificate

Testimonial from Court Williams:

2015-07-01 21.47.30

Gabriel Liew, awarded Distinction in Grade 7 Trinity/Guildhall’s Drumset Exam.


A message from Ben Lee:


From Paul:




  1. I took lessons from Jason for approx 1 year. His lessons are very productive. On a weekly basis, each lesson is very flexible, sometimes focusing on technique and sometimes on how to play songs of interest. Glad to have learnt from him as a beginner because now I have a strong foundation.

  2. I started learning drums at a later age of 47. Now, after almost 2 years of drumming lessons from Jason, I can say that I have learned a lot starting from the basic techniques and the right way of playing the drums. I thought that playing drums is always like those heavy metal band way like Metallica for example but it’s not, drums can be played so softly as well. Having a one-on-one lesson is totally different from just watching drum stuffs in You Tube. There is something different if you can talk to the teacher directly, it is very helpful. Bottom line, thanks for all the lessons and knowledge sharing you are giving me and to your other students Jason. You are a kick-ass drummer man !!! God bless.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words, Rick. You have been an exemplary student of the drums, and all your hardwork is paying off! Your enthusiasm for drums and music inspires me and keeps me going. Thank you for that! God Bless, and may you have many, many more years of enjoyment and growth on the drums.

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