Christmas and New Year Message From Jason Cruz Drums

Hey folks,

First off, may your Christmas celebrations today be uplifting and GROOVY. Let us celebrate the good, heal from our hurts, and affirm Life.

As we’re almost coming to the end of the year, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to each and everyone of you who came by my blog, read my articles, and engaged my music services, either for drum lessons, studio recordings, or live gigs. YOU have kept me alive this year. YOU have given me a reason to carry on as a musician. YOU are a blessing in my life.  I could not have accomplished what I have accomplished in 2014 without YOU.

2014 was a very eventful year that provided abundant opportunities for growth. I am a very different musician now than I was in January.

Here are some of the projects I had the great privilege and pleasure to work on:

The Black Monolith – Album coming out in February 2015. We’re starting to write new songs for the next recording project.

PLATE – Album coming out in April 2015

The 9th Order – A new original Pop/Rock project. Will be commencing recording of the debut album soon.

Ash Ramani – The psychedelic rock guitarist you never heard……….YET!!!

Lim Yin Liang – Completed recording sessions for his album and is now currently being mixed for release somewhere in the first quarter of next year.

One of my goals for 2014 was to go back to producing some drum cover videos. I had planned to do at least 6 videos, but teaching and gigging piled up, so I managed to only squeeze in time for half of that. Go to my youtube page: Dogdrum, if you haven’t checked those out. There’s more to come in 2015!!

I wish to thank all the lovely musicians I got to gig with this year. Thank you all for making it such a fun experience and let’s do it all over again in 2015!!

Last but not least, 2014 has been such a great year for teaching. I’ve become more passionate about drumming education than I had ever been. The students are awesome and I’m excited to get started with the new ones starting in January. Each of the current students has grown in his/her playing even if it’s by a margin.  What is more important to me though, is that through the lessons, Music now takes a special place in their hearts. If I have accomplished that, then my lessons are successful. I think I have, seeing the dedication and commitment from all my students towards their craft.

2014 gives me the courage to take on whatever is to come in 2015. I do so with pride, honour, and integrity. 2015 is going to ROCK…I know it…I smell it,…Do you smell it?? Coz I smell it…



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