Contact Info For Enquiries On My Services

Contact Information For Hiring Me As A Session Drummer For Studio Recordings And Live Gigs

Hi all,

Here’s how you can reach me for the above

Tel: +65 98291901 (also available on whatsapp)


Studio Recording:

S$100/- per song (not inclusive of hiring the recording studio and engineer’s fees) / S$90/- per song if you are hiring me to cut for an EP and upwards (4 songs and above).

Student Projects special rate: s$85/- per song (not including studio and engineer’s fees).

All drum tracks will be recorded at either a studio of your choice or at a studio recommended by me that can offer the best service and do the best job according to your budget.

I require in advance of the tracking session:

– A backing track in WAV format with a click track on either the left or right channel

– A lyrics sheet if there are lyrics and/or chord chart.

We will communicate via email or in person to discuss your songs to be recorded and you are welcome to be present at the tracking session.

I take the recording arts very seriously and am totally committed to giving you high quality drum tracks that are well played and produced. I have an assortment of different snare drums and cymbals to better tailor the drum sounds to your music. Contact me for more information.

Live Gigs:

Interested parties wanting to hire me as either drummer or percussionist (Cajon with percussion accessories setup) for their live gigs can contact me via the email and mobile no. appended above. I will only accept gigs that pay according to current market rates (S$180 minimum for 3 sets / S$250 minimum for Events). I can handle all styles excluding contemporary Metal.