New Album Out: Sunny Deo And The Ninth Order’s Mystic String

Hope your new year started off on a good footing.

It’s with great pride that I announce the release of a newalbum that I worked on between the fall of 2014 and May of 2015. It’s called Mystic String and it features a diverse set of 10 songs which run the gamut from Pop to Rock to Jazz to even abit of World Music.

Working on developing the song arrangements with the band and producer as well as recording the drum tracks are certainly two of the greatest highlights in my career so far. I learnt so much more about recording with greater precision and consistency from working with a grammy-nominated producer, Duke Purisima, who presided over the production of this album; and grammy-nominated recording and mixing engineer, Jerry Chua, who designed the sound of this album. Jerry is also a very well respected drummer, thus alot of scrutiny was naturally placed on my performances!

All in all, this album captures some of my best drumming in the studio so far in terms of creative drum parts, versatility with different styles, time, feel, and consistency. I certainly look forward to doing another album with this band and this production team.

Here’s the link to previewing the album online and purchasing it as a digital download:

Feel free to give me your feedback on the album!





New Debut Album by PLATE – Tear Down This Marketplace

Dear friends,

It gives me great pleasure yet again to announce the release of another studio album which I had tremendous fun working on.

Link to hear album


PLATE is a relatively newcomer to the Singaporean Indie/Art Rock scene having formed in late 2013 and spearheaded by a highly gifted musician and songwriter, Zhong Ren Koh, who also goes by the stage moniker, Halcyon.

The music on Tear Down This Marketplace is deeply introspective and it goes through a moving journey through darkness to reach a place of light and hope by the end of it. At least, that’s how I personally intepret the music thematically in the simplest terms.

I got to do quite alot of interesting modern drumming stuff on this album such as playing along to drum machine sequences on tracks like Building With Sticks and Expanse, and record 2 to 3 different acoustic drum parts on tracks such as the opener, Revolutionaries, River, and Superhuman.

The songs feature highly creative, and dare I say highly original as well as funky, grooves that were not written by me but by Zhong Ren. It was a whale of fun learning the grooves and trying to replicate them as exact as possible. I’m particularly happy also with the variety of drum sounds on offer that create (hopefully) a delectable array of tones and textures for your ears to feast on.

In closing, I sincerely hope that you enjoy this album as much as I did making it with Zhong Ren. We will be looking at some possible live gigs with a full band lineup in the next couple of months to further promote the album.

PS: If you would like to hire me to play on your recording project, I can be reached at 98291901 or by email:

Update on Recording Projects: The Black Monolith and The Ninth Order

Hey folks,

Hope your start to 2015 was a great one. If it wasn’t, have faith, keep pushing in your chosen direction, make adjustments if necessary, believe in yourself, and things will get better as the year progresses.

I’m excited to announce that Black Monolith’s first album will be due for completion by end of March. We’ve also just done one gig for an Arts-event which was very well received. We have another gig coming up, an acoustic one, at Lasalle College Of The Arts.

I’m currently in the midst of another recording project for a Pop/Rock outfit called the Ninth Order. The band comprises:

Sunny Deo – Lead Vocals / Principal Songwriter

Kevin Mikhail – Lead Guitars

Sean Rezel – Rhythm Guitars

Bobby Chan – Keyboards

Muhammad Sultan – Bass

Yours truly – Drums, Percussion.

These guys are another great bunch to work with. Its a very relaxed and fun atmosphere – two things you need to make great music.

This project marks the first time that I’m working with an established producer. He’s none other than Mr. Duke Purisima, who’s a 2013 Grammy Nominee for his work on Arun Shenoy’s album, Rumbadoodle. It is a great honour and privilege to work with someone of those credentials, and it gives me both security and confidence in my contributions to the album. His advice helps alot in improving the drum parts and my performances that have been recorded so far have been above even my own expectations.

Watch this space for updates!!!!


New Studio Recording: Tommy Icarus by The Black Monolith


Here ya go, folks…A new, hot one fresh from the Rock n Roll oven. This is personally one of my favourite tracks to record my drums on and I really like the results. It’s also a song I can connect with deeply on a lyrical level, thanks to the simple yet moving lyrics by lead singer, Zed Tan.

The Black Monolith will be rolling out it’s debut album in April this year. Be sure to watch this space for updates! It’s been a very nice experience working with these guys, and here’s to more.

Enjoy and ROCK ON!


The Black Monolith Album Recording Update

I have been checking my readership stats recently on this blog and it’s rather pleasantly surprising to see that this blog has reached to those far away from where I come from. To these readers, I extend my deep appreciation. Please feel free to leave a comment or two on any of the posts. A Question or an opinion is highly appreciated. 

With that said, I am pleased to update you guys that drum recording sessions for The Black Monolith album is going well. We used TNT recording studio down at Peace Centre on Prinsep Street, SIngapore. That studio has a slightly over 20 year history run by a gentleman who goes by the nickname, “Ah Boy”. I wished I knew his actual name… 

In my first session for this album which was booked yesterday from 10am to 2pm, we managed to lay down 5 drum tracks within the span of 2 and a half hours including settting up the drums, tuning, and getting levels. This has reinforced in me the importance of going into the studio TOTALLY prepared. Studio time costs alot of money, and the people who are hired to do recording sessions on a regular basis are those who can learn the songs quickly, quickly  figure out a part that fits the song, and has enough energy and focus to deliver the take as quickly as possible. 

I look forward to the next recording session next Thursday to record 4 remaining tracks for the album.


New Completed Studio Recording – REVOLUTIONARIES by PLATE

REVOLUTIONARIES BY PLATE (Link to sound recording. Click here to listen)

Hey folks,

It gives me great pleasure to share with you one of the tracks off a recent studio album project I just completed tracking the drums for.

The band is called PLATE, fronted by the uber talented multi-instrumentalist and composer, Zhong Ren Koh. “Revolutionaries” in my opinion encapsulates everything the band represents musically: Psychedelic-Alternative Rock with a huge sound containing lots of delicious aural textures, a whirlwind of moods, and a gumbo pot of grooves mainstream, exotic, and everything in-between…To top it all off, deeply introspective  existential lyrics are offered for the most literary of listeners.

This track will be part of the forthcoming debut album called “Tear Down The Marketplace”

A note to those who are interested in the drum parts for this song:

There are 3 drumset parts on this track in total as follows:

DRUMKIT 1 (Left Channel) – Kick Drum, Snare Drum only (All the way through. You can hear the pattern most prominently in the intro and 1st verse).

Setup: Ludwig Accent CS Custom bass drum, Canopus baritone snare

DRUMKIT 2 (Right Channel) – Kick Drum, Snare Drum, Hi-Hat, Ride Cymbal, and Crash (From 1st Chorus onwards)

Canopus bass drum, custom Maple snare by Pantheon Percussion (, Soultone cymbals

DRUMKIT 3 (DRUM FILLS): Kick Drum, Snare, Toms, Crash Cymbal (treated with effects). 

Ludwig Accent CS Custom full kit with Ludwig Hammered Ludalloy Supraphonic snare, and Soultone cymbals.

This recording was mixed and produced by Yi Zhe Seow and Howard Lee of Home Ground Studio, Singapore ( /

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed playing on this recording.




Wrapping up with Lim Yin Liang’s Album Project



Yin Liang Recording


Here’s a group photo with singer-songwriter-arranger, Lim Yin Liang (extreme left), and Caspar Francis of Caspar Music Productions (extreme right) at Home Ground Studio for our second to last recording session held last week for Yin Liang’s album.

Needless to say, its total fun working with these guys and I look forward to many more projects with them in future.

Also a big thanks to the team at Home Ground Studio, Seow Yi Zhe and Howard Lee, for selflessly giving their time and assistance on the sessions.