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Introduction To Big Band Drumming Article By Stockton Helbing

As I’ve just stepped into the big band world with the City Swing Big Band (Singapore), I feel I have now entered the Doctorate level of musicianship.

I wouldn’t say that I’m passionate about Big Band Jazz, but I strongly desire to be able to groove like those cats, as well as read and articulate charts like those cats with the precision and drive that they have. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and all thanks go to a musician friend who recommended me to the band’s musical director.

In addition to checking out videos and recordings of famous Big Bands including Maynard Ferguson’s Big Band, The Buddy Rich Big Band, The Duke Ellington Orchestra,  and The Benny Goodman Big Band, to name a few, I searched online for articles about the subject of Big Band drumming. I then came across Stockton Helbing’s article linked to his website about a week ago and found his thoughts on the life of a Big Band drummer very illuminating. If you’re curious about this type of drumming and music, please give the article (link included above) a read, and then go check out the music.


Youtube drummers to check out!

Here’s the channels of two great drummers I discovered on youtube. If you’re a fan of vintage drums, Classic Rock drumming ala John Bonham, and Big Band drumming ala Buddy Rich, as I am, check out these guys, Ken Loomer and Dan Zalac. 

These guys know how to get an awesome sound from their drums. They got it all right from their technique to their tuning and even recording. – Ken Loomer’s channel. – Dan Zalac’s channel.