In Depth Review: Two Drumkits under USD 800.


This review by Drum Center of Portsmouth (US) is probably one of the best I have seen on YouTube comparing similarly priced drumkits of different makes.

Having owned two Tama kits in the past and currently a Ludwig, this review hit home for me.

I like the Ludwig sound better, which is why I decided to play Ludwig drums for life, but Tama is by no means a slouch in the quality and great sound departments. The Ludwigs, however, have that certain “snap” that I do not hear in other brands. The response and sensitivity is so immediate with a Ludwig kit, even at the entry level.

Both kits reviewed go for under USD 800. Swee Lee music in Singapore carries these two brands – for those looking to upgrade from their entry level kits, or even for the uninitiated looking to invest in their first acoustic drumkit, and are willing to fork out abit more cash for a kit that you will have no qualms about using for live gigs and recording.

John JR Robinson’s Drum Solo at NAMM Chicago Drum Show 2011

I came across this solo clip two days ago and was immediately taken by the musicality, creative use of double stroke and flam rudiments, and the way he tied the solo together with this fusion-based groove. I showed this video in two of my classes and both students were very inspired.

Best Youtube Comment I’ve Ever Received

Best Youtube Comment I've Ever Received

Forgive me for the bad photo shot, but I’d like to share with you something that really made my day yesterday and gave me lots of hope.

See the youtube comment by Mr. John Morton at the bottom of the shot. It reads, “Wow! You just made my day. From a guitarist who used to sit in front of the giant console stereo at the age of 12 and play air drums to this song when it first came out. So good to see young people recognize what an inventive and exciting drummer Mitch Mitchell was. Carry that torch brother. Your hard work paid off.”



Youtube drummers to check out!

Here’s the channels of two great drummers I discovered on youtube. If you’re a fan of vintage drums, Classic Rock drumming ala John Bonham, and Big Band drumming ala Buddy Rich, as I am, check out these guys, Ken Loomer and Dan Zalac. 

These guys know how to get an awesome sound from their drums. They got it all right from their technique to their tuning and even recording. – Ken Loomer’s channel. – Dan Zalac’s channel.