Jason’s Soundcloud Page

Jason’s Soundcloud Page

Hey folks!

I have uploaded a selection of studio demos and official studio recordings I have done in the past. Do feel free to have a listen by clicking on the web link appended above! I will be uploading more recordings in the future, so you can check back the page every once in a while for updates.

For more information on my services as a studio recording drummer, kindly send an email with your enquiry to, contact: +65 98291901.

If you wish to hire me for your recording session, please append the following with your email:

1) Backing track with a click track (that is metronome) on either audio channel in WAV  format. Please do not send your backing tracks in MP3s and other lo-fi quality formats as I need to hear all the musical details  properly to better prepare the drum parts for recording.

2) Lyrics Sheet for songs with lyrics. It will help me understand what the song is about so I can work our the right feel and sound for the drum track.

3) Drum Charts or Chord Charts  (please ask if you are not sure what these is).

For my rates, please see:

Thank you once again for viewing this post!


Jonathan Meur’s Woodnotes EP Out Now!

Jonathan Meur’s Woodnotes EP Out Now!

Hey folks, wow!

2 months since my last post. Apologies to those who’ve been asking the updates during this period for the delay! I’ll be gradually posting stuff on my activities the last two months and updating on stuff happening soon!

To kick it off again, I proudly introduce an EP that I played on for indie-folk artist, Jonathan Meur. Click on the title of this post to go to the bandcamp page where you can hear the tracks! I’ll let the music speak for itself and you decide how it fares. I must say though that this is a personal milestone for me to play on (almost) an entire EP. There’s more recording projects to come with Monsieur Meur and another lovely acoustic folk duo, One Hat Town. Hey! It seems like I’m gonna be a first-call folk drummer in Singapore, haha! 


Christmas In Singapore Compilation album 2012

Christmas In Singapore Compilation album 2012

Hi all,

I had the privilege in early October to record one track for Jonathan Meur, a local based French-Mauritian singer-songwriter who is featured on the Christmas In Singapore album.

The album was produced in the true spirit of the season to raise funds for the Rare Disorders Society of Singapore. Produced by a well known veteran musician of the local music scene, Patrick Chng (The Oddfellows / Typewriter), Christmas in Singapore features 11 original tunes and 3 creative re-arrangements of Christmas standards by respected local music artistes.

The track I played on is called “December By The Isle of You.”  (track 7). You can hear a low-res version of the track and the rest of the album by going to this link:

Christmas In Singapore is available both in digital format on the website appended above, as well as in CD format available at all Gramophone and Starbuck outlets.

All proceeds go to the Rare Disorders Society of Singapore.