Black Sabbath’s “Sweet Leaf” in Smooth Jazz style

This cracked me up in the morning! Ozzy’s handclapping and jumping to the double time Jazz section is PRICELESS!!!

Daniel Glass Interview On DRUM TALK TV

Nobody tells the story of the evolution of the drumset better than Daniel Glass. Check out his fantastic info-tainment DVD, A Century Project, that deals with the 100-year story of the drumset, and his work with the Royal Crown Revue Band.

John JR Robinson’s Drum Solo at NAMM Chicago Drum Show 2011

I came across this solo clip two days ago and was immediately taken by the musicality, creative use of double stroke and flam rudiments, and the way he tied the solo together with this fusion-based groove. I showed this video in two of my classes and both students were very inspired.


I spent my childhood trying to figure out what and how this man did what he did on the drums. Thanks to the books and DVDs that’s he’s put out in the last 20 years, I finally got to “break the code” on his grooves on many of my beloved Tower of Power songs. Nope…can’t say I’m anywhere close to his level, but what I learnt and practice from studying his drumming has helped me improve my dynamics, precision, touch, and feel on the instrument. I’m still a student and fan of his as I was when I first heard more than 24 years ago. WHAT IS HIP? DAVID GARIBALDI. And he’ll always be no matter where drumming is at right now…

King Crimson Live in Frejus (1982)

What stunning creativity, innovation, fearsome technique, and otherworldly rhythmic conception..

King Crimson to me is the ultimate Progressive Rock band. Bill Bruford manning a highly unique hybrid kit of acoustic drums. percussion, and early electronic drums.